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Vejdi Avsar


The smell of freshly cut pine, sweet sound of the hand-saw, and whistle of a hand-plane. These were enough for Vejdi Avsar to know that woodworking was his calling. He began learning and sweeping the workshop floor when he was ten years old. In his teenage years he developed his craft in the building trade after school.  Having identified his passion, he moved to London in 1986 and enrolled in the City and Guilds’s program for Advanced Craft of Furniture Making. In 1994, his woodworking adventure continued in Houston, Texas where he built a new home and workshop. Since then, he has been making bespoke fine furniture in his workshop.  Recently Vejdi has partnered with Clark’s Hardwood Lumber to bring the beauty and craftsmanship of custom furniture to a broader market.  Vejdi is dedicated to continuously expanding the mastery of his craft through passion, curiosity, and hard work.

Vejdi Avsar


Our master craftsman has commitment to quality that comes from working a piece with your hands from start to finish.  His passion for design and the highest level of craftsmanship will create a bespoke piece tailored just for you.  This starts with the selection of the materials from the extensive inventory of Clark’s Hardwood Lumber.  As a client you can preview some of the materials available including live edge slabs, thick cut hardwoods, colorful exotics, and highly figured specialty pieces.  Setup and appointment or come visit us at our lumberyard and we can get started today.

Vejdi Avsar


700 E 5th 1/2 St.

Houston, TX 77007

Thanks for reaching out!

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Avsar Fine Furniture is an Artistic Branch
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